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Why Python is Hype these Days !


Python, here we’ll talk about python,

Why python is hype | smartrun.in
python | smartrun.in

No, Not this one,

Why python is hype | smartrun.in

yeah this one…


so many of us, have heard about python a lot, and this increases our interest in python.

Let’s come to the point, their are various reasons about why python is hype from a long time…

Following are the Major Reasons about why python is hype these days –

  • – Lot of Jobs
  • – Better Salaries
  • – startup friendly
  • – easy to learn
  • – Free to learn from major sources
  • – strong and wide user community
  • – priority
  • – versatile
  • – easy to integrate with front and backend
  • – out of the box
  • – other add-ons
  • – automates booring stuff
  • – have the tools to work anywhere in the tech
  • – official language of Tech Giants like Google, IBM, nasa and much more….
  • – Covers almost every part of IT, like (AI, MACHINE LEARNING, WEB DEV, GAME DEV, SOFTWARE DEV, HACKING, BIG DATA, data science and much more…

Now, Let’s Understand the above points deeply.

Lot of Jobs
Python programming can be used in so many ways, indeed.com alone have 38,000+ python jobs, to every level of experience and employment interest.

Better Salaries
You can earn a Robust Amount of money with python, following are some of the average salaries look by Position.

• Entry Level Software Developer – $52,491
• Quality Assurance Engineer – $61,459
• Junior Python Dev – $80,994 (Future you) 😄
• Senior Python Dev – $117,822
• Machine Learning Engineer – $141,029
With salaries like that ($80k for a junior python dev), we should all be learning python right about now, i mean right now!!!

Startup Friendly
They need to run lean to survive, it means when they are developing their digital product, like website, mobile app, software, sass or anything like that, they need something fast, easy, Budget Friendly and reliable, this makes python favorable for Startups.

Easy to Learn
According to the Industry Professionals, you can learn python basics within 1-2 Months, basics like (syntax, keyword, data type, loops, conditional formatting, Functions…)

Free to learn
If you’re naïve, let me tell you, their are lot of resources and free courses of Python available in market, Google is providing free python course, and much more companies are providing this for free, even we(smartrun) are planning to launch our Free Python course for everyone.

Strong and Wide User Community
It is an open source coding language, means – it’s free to use, any one can modify or create extension for python, being opens source technically means you can use, create, modify libraries or frameworks.
And open source of thing isn’t enough, it is strong and better if it have a good supportive community of users engaged with the language, where people use to help each other in the errors, or updates and much more….


And their are much more technical reasons why python is hype…, This will boor you, and probably this is enough for you to understand the importance of python.

Now (in 2022), Python is world’s most popular coding lang, as lang. like C and C++ remain steady but flat, python and JS are on the Sharp Uptick.


it means as a developer, you’ll have an incredibly wide range of work options. Whether you want to go work for a tech giant(like Google, Facebook or instagram), or build your small scale software programs, or work as a Full Stack Developer, python is a skill that makes any of these options possible.

– Easy to Integrate Front End and Back End.

Allowing the Front end and back end of your digital product to work in harmony. If you’re looking to add server side or backend skills to your front end repertoire, learning python is a perfect way to get started.

Out of the Box

Python have a lot of Libraries that will save your time, and help you to skip long processes like testing and all, plus codes are more uniformly arranged, it’s like you already have ready made noodles, all you have to do is just add hot water in it.
Python codes are created with a specific emphasis on code readablility, so the language focuses on English keywords instead of symbols and punctuation. This means it’s easier as a developer to scan through code and to maintain and update software, websites, and mobile apps.

– Other Addons

Python have highly Customizable, and ready to go libraries, like Django is designed to make python more effective at creating web apps, while pyqt is a framework to built GUI, interface, that involve the use of on-screen icons and graphics to process user commands.

Automate Boring Stuff

You can create simple python programs to automate mindless tasks that eat away at your productivity. The time you’ll save by knowing how to automate processes with python is a huge selling point for learning the language.

Have the tools to work anywhere in the Tech

python will prepare you for the future of tech jobs.

Because it is used for more than just traditional developement. In fact, Python is a top language for emerging data science fields, incl.

  • Data Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning.

Following are some Famous Python Libraries for all the IT Fields –

Probably, i have told you earlier above, that libraries, are ready made things, these libraries or frameworks will save your time and help you to skip unwanted processes.

AI (Machine Learning)

  • Scikit-learn
  • Wx Python
  • Keras
  • Open CV (image recog./ TO identfy gender/age/ires)
  • Mediapipe (For Recognizing Body movement)

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • Tkinter
  • jython
  • wx python

Game Dev.

  • Pygame,

Software Testing, To operate BIGDATA

  • Pydoop
  • PYSpark

Web Development

  • Django
  • Flask

Data Science

  • Numpy
  • Pandas(Google uses this)
  • Scaborn

SO, thanks for reading, this much, now i think you want to learn python, for this,


you can download python from above link, and can do practice, soon i am coming with more blogs with same niche, and probably, i’ll share you a free python basic course, so stay in touch, Keep Checking the website or you can also join our Whatsapp group.

Team Smartrun.


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